Payment Procedures

All monthly payments are due on or before the 5th of each month. Payments received after the 5th of each month will be charged a late fee of $15 per child. All class Payments are accepted in the forms of cash, check, money order, or all major credit cards. There will be a $25.00 penalty fee for all returned checks. Your full monthly payment is to guarantee your child a space in his/her class. It is your responsibility to make-up any missed classes. This includes making-up classes that we are closed for holiday observances.

Make-up Procedures

Make-up classes can be completed in two ways: you may attend a make up class of equal level OR attend Open Gym. In order to complete make-ups for missed classes the participant must be currently enrolled in a class. We do not allow make-up classes to be made in sessions in which we have not received the full monthly payment. You will not be able to participate if you are not currently enrolled as a student. Make-up classes must be completed within two months of the missed classes. To participate in a make-up class, you MUST make arrangements in advance with the office staff. If you attempt to do a make-up class without prior notice, you may be turned away to prevent overcrowding in classes. . Notice: All coaches take roll on a daily basis. If you wish to inquire as to the number of classes you have missed, please speak with our office staff. Annual Registration The Annual Registration Fee of $25.00 is due upon enrollment into our programs. This fee is Non-refundable. The registration fee is valid for one year and you do not have to re-register if you drop out and return within the same year. To remain active in our programs, your registration must be current.

Auto Pay Procedures

Making your monthly/session tuition payments makes it easy for you! Auto Pay can be cancelled at any time with verbal and/or written notification. Auto Pay payments are processed on the 1st of each month, unless the 1st falls on a weekend then Auto Pay will be processed on the Friday before. If you plan to discontinue enrollment please give the office written notification by the 20th of the prior month to ensure your Auto Pay can be cancelled by the 1st.

Rules and Policies

  • Do not wear jewelry, attachments on clothing, or items in the hair.
  • Hair must be tied back.
  • No loose fitting clothing.
  • No gum, candy or food in the gym.

Loose Foam Pit Rules:

  • Use the Pit only under the direct supervision of a Flip Zone gymnastics professional.
  • Always use appropriate progressions and consult with your instructor/coach before attempting a new skill.
  • Consult your instructor/coach to determine whether a spotter is needed.
  • Become familiar with the training pit by first practicing already learned skills.
  • Always be sure to have properly measured steps particularly when tumbling backwards into the pit.
  • Never land head first, on your face and chest or in an arched position.
  • Always check to see if anyone else is in the pit before entering, and be sure the loose foam has been adequately fluffed.
  • No horseplay in or around the pit.

Trampoline Rules:

  • No one is allowed on the trampoline without a Flip Zone instructor.
  • Only one person on the trampoline at a time.
  • No horseplay on or around the trampoline.
  • Do not jump off the trampoline. Always stop bouncing & step off the trampoline onto the side platform.
  • Do not stand or jump on side pads or end pads.
  • No somersaulting without permission from the instructor.

Tumble Track Rules:

  • No one is allowed on the tumble track without a Flip Zone instructor.
  • Only one person is allowed at a time when tumbling.

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