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At The Flip Zone we pride ourselves in offering a competitive gymnastics program that increases physical fitness and develops confident and strong athletes.  In addition, we believe a “team” atmosphere helps to bring out the best in each athlete.   Team gymnasts are expected to learn the life skills that are involved with being on a team, i.e. time management, discipline, responsibility, self-esteem, and dedication.  While parents are investing in gymnastics training, they are also building their child’s future. 

The Flip Zone currently offers Pre-Team and Girls Teams. 



level1 level2


The Pre-Team Program is designed to prepare young gymnasts for future competition by emphasizing strong basic fundamentals, strength, flexibility, discipline and respect for the sport. Gymnasts are hand selected for this program (from recreational gymnastics classes) based on their attitude, work ethic, desire, gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility. Pre-Team gymnasts at The Flip Zone are provided with a challenging and disciplined environment to further build their abilities with other gymnasts who share similar potential and desire. Training will maintain a balance of seriousness and fun, and the entire experience will be extremely enjoyable for children who are passionate about the sport! The Pre-Team Program is non-competitive. Time commitment is limited, but will increase as gymnasts are promoted through the levels. In addition to preparing the gymnasts physically, we strongly believe in training them to cope with the inevitable mental adversities they will face in gymnastics that may include fear, doubt and struggle, while also building a foundation of confidence and pride in accomplishment. Team work and respect for fellow teammates is also emphasized. Levels 1 and 2 are considered “Pre-Team” levels. The beginning levels are designed to teach strong basics, proper body position and beginning dance elements. Correct technique, form, and proper skill progressions are emphasized which are vital for long-term success. Curriculum is based on Level 1 and 2 progressions. Gymnasts will usually stay at each pre-team level for one year. Since technique and form are critical for long-term success, The Flip Zone provides a program where each gymnast can improve at her own rate. Mobility between levels is based on each individual child’s needs.

Levels 3-5

level3 level4

Gymnasts begin participation in competitive USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic sanctioned meets beginning at Level 3. Time commitment increases tremendously when gymnasts begin competing. Competition is at the state level; however the Level 5/6 teams do travel out of state. Gymnasts will compete in approximately 6-9 meets per year. Gymnasts perform compulsory routines in each level. The compulsory routines are developed by USA Gymnastics with varying levels of difficulty. The intent is to make the level 3, 4, 5 and 6 routines progressive into one another. All Level 4 athletes will perform the same routines as well as Levels 5 and 6. These levels are the introductory levels of competition where gymnasts learn to perform and have their skills critiqued by certified judges. Routines are extremely intricate with little room for variation. Core skills are emphasized in these routines as well as dance movements. Gymnasts are required to conform to the styles and techniques of the compulsory routines where an emphasis is placed on form, posture and presentation. The compulsory levels provide gymnasts with a foundation of discipline and strong basic skills.


Optional Level


At the optional level gymnasts have the opportunity to qualify for regional and national championships with each progressing level. In addition to travel for championships, gymnasts will have at least two out of state travel meets per year. All other competitions are held within the state. The optional levels require a very serious commitment due to the grade of difficulty and increased risk involved. Gymnasts will begin performing more complex skills and combinations. Proper training and preparation at the early pre team and compulsory levels is essential for success at these levels. Beginning with Level 7, routines are designed specifically for the individual athlete, where routines will enhance strong points and distinctive style. Gymnasts will be scored upon their level of difficulty, execution, artistry, and originality. Each level provides a new set of more difficult requirements on each event that must be included in routines. Currently The Flip Zone offers training for gymnasts through Level 9. As our gymnasts approach the upcoming levels, we will grow with our gymnasts and cater to their needs by providing the level of training they require.


Prep Optional (Excel Program)


The Flip Zone introduced the Prep Optional Program in the fall of 2005. Our Prep Op teams have competed in four seasons thus far, and have proven to be extremely successful. Over the past four years we have had a 2nd place state championship team and individual state champions. The program is still fairly new to the state of Indiana and USA Gymnastics, however everyone has enjoyed the program immensely, therefore it is continuing to grow. It is a great experience for gymnasts who love the sport, and it is a great opportunity to be a part of a team. The Prep Optional Program at The Flip Zone is not a path to the Junior Olympic program competitive levels 4-10. However, the Prep optional gymnasts will have the opportunity to work their way up the levels within the Prep Optional Program. The purpose of the Prep Optional Program is to present recreational gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition and/or provide former and future Junior Olympic competitive gymnasts the opportunity to continue competition without the intense time commitment. The goal of the Prep Optional Program at The Flip Zone is to challenge each and every athlete’s limits and abilities by providing enjoyable, yet challenging practices and competitions. The Prep Optional Gymnastics Program along with Prep Optional Competitions is sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics is the governing body of gymnastics in the United States. USA Gymnastics wanted to provide an alternative to the Junior Olympic Program (which requires a tremendous amount of time commitment) where gymnasts could continue their participation in gymnastics and have the opportunity to compete, yet with limited time commitment in the gym. There are currently 4 levels (in the state of Indiana) in the Prep Optional Program; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Prep Optional gymnasts will compete in approximately 8 meets per year (meet season usually runs January through May), however a year round commitment to gymnastics is necessary. Competitions are all held in the state of Indiana. Gymnasts will practice approximately 6-10 hours per week at every level (Bronze through Platinum).

We put a great deal of pride into our Prep Optional Competitive Gymnastics Program and strive to make it an excellent experience for every gymnast. The Flip Zone Competitive Staff is extremely passionate about their role in guiding children through their gymnastics training and helping them grow into strong, confident young ladies. Gymnastics is an excellent sport for children, and The Flip Zone is a wonderful place to do it!


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  

9:00am-1:30pm and 4:30-8:30pm

Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-8:30pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm



The Flip Zone

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Rob Long, on his daughter Emily

“This place is comfortable and really friendly,” he said. “(The parents) sit in here and watch and share stories. You can definitely tell an improvement in her skills, flexibility, and enthusiasm from the beginning to now.”

Nikki Johnson, on her 4-year-old daughter Jade

 “It’s a good way for her to release her energy and come out of her shell,” she said. “She is really shy and this is helping her build more self esteem.”

Emily Long, 4-year-old, beginning gymnastics class

 “I like it,” she said. “Trampoline is my favorite. When I need help, the lady helps me.”

A grateful Preschool Parent

I love SSGNL Preschool!  I feel our kids get a great education, and develop confidence in their athletic abilities at the same time. The profession staff is also wonderful - the ratio of teachers to kids means every child gets the individual attention they need.

Current Preschool Parent

The [best part of SSGNL are the] teachers. They were all so friendly and approacable. The director is always there to help and make the kids feel welcome. My daughter learned SO MUCH this year. I can't believe it! And she loves gymnastics time with Miss Megan. She is an amazing lady!!

Satisfied Parent

Parents' Night Out are a God-send!  Sometimes, it's good for parents to just have a break - and we know they'll have a blast while we are away for a few hours.

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