College Hopefuls

We are so proud of our gymnasts! (level will compete in 2020-2021 Season)

Class of 2021

Zoe Krull (L10)

Caroline Prentice (L10)

Averie McKinney (L9)

Abigail Schlebecker (L7) **Committed to Emmanuel College**

Class of 2022

Alexis Boccone (L10)

Isabella Edington (L10)

Sydney McDowell (L8)

Lily Vaught (L7)

Class of 2023

Terrynn Armstrong (L10)

Madina French (L10)

Alana Eckert (L9)

Dolly Smiley (L9)

Kate Conners (L7)

Sarah Horneffer (L7)

Zoe Arvanitis (L7)

Rebecca McSorley (L6)

Jocelyn Wolber (XG)

Class of 2024

Christianna Cutler (L10)

Mecca Chandler (L9)

Drake White (L9)

Hazel Dickens (L8)

Grace Wellman (L8)

Sophia Doyle (L8)

Brooke Schnarr (L7)

Addison Berry (L6)

Class of 2025

Kate McKee (L9)

Caroline Guptill (L8)

Miley Watkins (L8)

Kristina Dick (L7)

Gracen Chylazeck (L7)

Hannah Smith (L7)

Khloie Walker (L7)

Mia Arvanitis (L6)

Audrey Stroud (L6)

Elize Scholtens (L6)

Hannah Farmer (L6)

Class of 2026

Alexandria Greve (L8)

Alaina Bunnell (L7)

Lillian Lam (L7)

Lila Richardson (L7)

Kendall Garland (L6)

Ana Gilbert (L6)

Ella Mitchell (L6)

Tyler Johnson (L6)

Riley Nolin (L6)

Class of 2027

Maia Ven (L7)

Emery Cragen (L6)

Hailey Garrett (L6)

Alaina Hughes (L6)

Class of 2028 

Malia Hassler (L7)

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